How a Wedding Day Runs.



Alternative Wedding Photographer

One thing I always advise to couples setting out on their journey looking for a photographer is don’t be fooled by the best dozen photos a photographer shows in their portfolio. They are showing you the best photos from multiple weddings, always check full weddings with at least a few hundred photos, so you can get a feel of how your wedding photos will look.

I keep getting asked how it works on your wedding day, well being a Alternative Documentary Wedding Photographer I will not be taking over your day, this is your wedding and you should have what you want, So I will run through what happens below. This is just a guide.

The most important supplier is your wedding photographer, without them you won’t have any record of your day, so choose wisely.

How it works

An hour before I start ( yes it will be me photographing your wedding and not a hired hand ) I will get to see all the venues first, this is so I can see how they are set up and decide where we will be taking the formal group photos and bride & groom photos if you are having these.

I also leave plenty of time to get to your wedding,  I get to the venue about an hour before, I have seen too many photographers post on “Emergency cover needed” groups where they didn’t leave any time just in case of traffic.

Bridle, Groom Preparations

I start by photographing the bridle preparations 2 hours before the ceremony, I will not stop you to pose you for any photos, instead I will be quietly photographing what is happening in a natural style.

If you are having a second photographer as well then they will be with the groom in the morning and right through the whole day until after the first dance.

The Ceremony

I will leave the bridal preparations 15 minutes before you leave for the church/ceremony so that I can park and setup inside and outside of the church/ceremony. I will capture you arriving for the ceremony and then move into the ceremony room and position myself in a suitable place. Taking photos as it happens through the service and outside the ceremony/church.


At the reception I will leave you to mingle with your guests for about 15 minutes, after this I find is the best time to do the group shots (if you are having these).
I will ask you for a list of groups that you want 1 month before your wedding, I always start with the largest group first then down to the smallest group, this way it goes quite quickly and is not so painful like you see at other weddings .

To help with the smooth running of this I ask you to nominate two people that know each of your families, these two people will have the list of group photos to be taken and will gather the people needed on the list for me to pose (position) and take the photos.

Group photos can be done quite quickly but this relies completely on the cooperation of guests. If someone disappears to the bar or off to check in this will certainly add time on and might affect the timings of your wedding.

Then we will move on to the bride & groom couple photos, again only if you are having these, these sessions can take as long as you want them to but remember we need to finish these before your sit down meal, It can take anything from 10 to 30 minutes to get some stunning photos.

Reception part II
Here I will be photographing you coming in to for your sit down meal, this is where I will be taking my break while you and your guests enjoy your meal.


I will return from my break in time for your speeches, I will photograph them from start to end, normally this is followed by the cake cutting then first dance and your guests dancing the night away.

Obviously your days timings may be slightly different and I am very flexible, this is just a guide.

Total hours on the day including travel, scouting out the locations could be anything from 12 to 14 hours.

Editing the photos after the wedding.

My work doesn’t stop on the wedding day. All my cameras shoot to 2 memory cards so they back up the photos as I take them.

These are then uploaded to my main computer, from there they are further backed up to what is called a NAS system to 4 hard discs, 1 of these hard discs is stored off site. I further upload the photos to my online storage, so in reality I will have 7 copies of the photos. I see too many times where other photographers lose couples wedding photos, that photographer is not ever going to be me.

The next process is editing your wedding photos which could take anything from 2 to 4 weeks depending on my workload but at the end of this process you will have a stunning set of photos that you can look back on in years to come.

Anyone that says they don’t use Photoshop means they don’t do much to the photos. Photoshop is fantastic to get the colour balance right through the whole set of photos but also if there are any distracting objects in the photo like fire extinguishers or those big green exits signs then Photoshop just works. You want perfection in your photos not just a quick edit and that will do, this is how an experienced established wedding photographer works.

So now you see how a professional wedding photographer with 15 years experience works, your wedding will seem like it flied by on the day and that’s where I come in to document it.


– 9 hours of me your wedding photographer shooting (15 years of photographing weddings ), natural, beautiful images for you.

–  Family photos.

–  Couple photos.

– Download of your high resolution images, individually retouched images from your wedding.

– All Colour images 400 to 600 plus colour images individually created in to black & White images.

– A password protected web-gallery of your images with print options to share with family and friends.

– From 2 hours before the ceremony (Bride prep) to 30 minutes after the first dance.

No hidden extras

From £1595.  Video also available by trusted professional videographers ( not someone given a camera to video that knows nothing about videography).

Please remember photographers can only photograph one wedding on a date, if you like a photographer then please book asap.

Please enquire for mid-week and low season weddings also available.

Please get in contact to see if I am still available for your date. Dates are booking up fast.

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