Being in the trade for over 15 years you see things that no couples ever see.

I am seeing an increase in photographers coming on groups I am on asking for help, mainly their camera died on a wedding day and asking if anyone can loan them a camera, but also asking how they can get the photos back from a corrupted memory card.

On the first point I will tell you a story that happened to me years ago and its the reason I now carry 2 cameras that save to 2 memory card on a wedding day and that’s without the extra 3 backup cameras in the car.

I was running to get to the church and I had just taken a photo of this church and my 1 month old canon camera just died on me, I had to run back to the car and get the spare camera, this camera saved the day but ever since then I carry 2 of canons professional top of the range 1 series cameras on me, both shoot to 2 cards so I have a backup as I shoot.

In 15 years of shooting hundreds of weddings I have only had 2 camera mal-functions, So glad I now have a backup camera on me at a wedding.

What I am saying is if you value your wedding photos then please ask your photographer how many cameras they carry with them on a wedding and if the cameras shoot to 2 memory cards at once, if they don’t then you are risking having no photos of your wedding.

Everybody seems to think they can be a wedding photographer and that all they need is 1 camera and they will be fine, they wont trust me, I see it daily on groups where photographers put a call out while they are at a wedding asking if anyone can loan them a camera for one reason or another, don’t take a chance on anyone that only has 1 camera, even with new technology things break and that’s why you need backups.

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