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Once in a lifetime of moments never to be repeated.

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The ultimate story telling Documentary Wedding Photographer Bruce Neville.

"Story telling at its best" I am being told constantly by couples that after viewing my weddings they feel either they imagine it was their wedding or they felt like they were at the wedding. so if you would like your wedding story captured then get in touch soon, dates are going fast. 01243 778614 or / Contact form

Welcome to my website. My name is Bruce Neville and I am a full time, award winning Chichester Wedding photographer. I shoot weddings at most wedding venues in the UK. I have over 30 years of photography experience starting with film cameras and now using top of the range digital cameras and lenses.

My style is mostly Reportage / Documentary with a touch of fashion/magazine style but I do posed shots too if the couple want this. I can pose you both in a way that is natural, so we are not in your face, we use long lenses which means you are mostly unaware we are even photographing you.

I am a experienced Sussex Photographer / Surrey Photographer / Hampshire Photographer, documentary wedding photographer. Brighton Photographer, some call it What I do documentary wedding photography. I live in a small village just outside of Chichester called Westerton, right outside my door is Goodwood House and it's famous motor racing circuit where once a year they have the Goodwood Revival & The festival of Speed which keeps me busy.

I have always loved photography and get a kick out of presenting my couples with images that take their breath away. For the last 3 years I have also taken on a high street studio in Bognor Regis, Sussex, so can offer studio photography too. This has increased the hours and hours of photography that I do (including more processing and airbrushing of images) but I still love it.

I can honestly say hand on heart  I love photographing weddings, the romance, emotion, candid moments are all part of a wedding and to me it feels like I am an observer telling the story of your day in photos. story telling.

Wedding Photofilms

A great way to document your wedding day is with a stunning Documentary Cinematic Photofilm, Not just a wedding film with music but a mixture of your wedding photos combined with digital voice over from the vows and speeches set to music. Nobody creates a Photofilm like I do. The Photofilms are not staged, so don't worry I won't be asking you to talk in to a microphone, the audio is captured discreetly during the day.*

A Photofilm from a wedding at Wiston House in Sussex, featuring Katheryn & Darren who were an absolute pleasure to work with to create this stunning Photofilm.

Katheryn & Darren's wedding has got through to the finals of County Wedding Magazines Wedding of the Year 2014, only 4 couples in the final.

I am fully insured and I view photography as so much more than just my job. Please feel free to browse my website and be assured that none of the images that you will see are models or friends. These are all "real" weddings and if you would like to see more... just ask but if you look closer I have over 10000 images on this site. I would love to speak to you about your wedding and you are very welcome to come to the studio to discuss your wedding requirements or drop me an email.

Recent wedding photos

I believe that the 10 to 20 photos if that in a gallery or on facebook pages that some photographers show, isn't enough to prove you can photograph a wedding, that is the reason why in my galleries there are between 140 to 260 photos. Beware when looking at other photographers make sure you see a good selection from each gallery, not just the "best of" which is what most photographers show.  See my galleries here if you have not already seen them

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A new addition to Bruce Neville Photography is Tiffany the Vintage Caravan for Events, Photo Booth, Weddings, Tea Parties and Corporate Events. So if you are looking for a different type of Photo Booth then go over and have a look at Tiffany the Vintage Caravan. Photo booth in Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey Photo Booth Hire

What style would you call that you photograph? I don't like labeling myself but have been told many times that my style is a mix of documentary and fashion, documentary because I like to photograph as it happens at your wedding which most clients love the natural photos I produce, a recent client commented and said when she saw my wedding galleries and fell in love with them, she felt like she was at the wedding, I am told this constantly and that is why couples book me to photograph their wedding. I don't just show 3 or 4 good photos from one wedding, I believe you need to see a lot of photos from each wedding to get an idea if the photographer can produce that certain magic which moves people, photos/images are timeless.

What separates me from other wedding photographers

I absolutely love what I do and just cannot bring myself to doing a basic edit to your images, on a average wedding of say 500 images I will spend anything from 8 to 12 days some times longer processing the images, I remove anything that shouldn't be there, i.e. fire extinguishers, those great big green exit signs, all your images will be not only white balanced but colour graded as well, your images will be finished to album standard, I do not have to re-process your images to put in to an album, they will be already as they are so if you did go away with just my DVD of images package to get an album made elsewhere then you won't need to have the images re-processed.

Can you supply a second photographer

Yes I can supply a second professional photographer that has worked with me every time a second photographer is needed. Please be aware most photographers hire a second photographer when needed, these second photographers will not be a seasoned professional photographer but rather they will be someone just starting out in wedding photography or just an assistant dressed up as a photographer. These second photographers will not have the skill to deliver photos like a seasoned second photographer can and so you are just paying for a few extra lucky photos they might get during the day. When enquiring with a photographer and asking them about a second photographer please find out as much as you can about them and their experience. As the saying goes, not all photographers are the same, you wouldn't want to risk a one time event (wedding) on someone that might get a few good photos.

Do we get a mixture of colour and black & white photos

I think I am the only wedding photographer that supply's his clients with not only all the colour photos but another set of the same colour photos but in Black & White, so you won't get a Black & White photo and not the colour version, I love my job so much that I go the extra mile to process all the colour photos to Black & White as well. Would you really only want a Black & White photo and not the colour version, no I didn't think so. Be careful when booking a wedding photographer because a lot of photographers decide for you what photo should or should not be in colour or Black & White, you will not get both sets but with me you will get the colour & black & white version of a photo.

Your prices seem very reasonable compared to others, why? Again I will be totally honest with you, I would rather be out every weekend photographing weddings than only photographing one wedding a month, it keeps me fresh and on my toes so to speak but mainly because I am totally addicted to people and photographing them in a natural surrounding like a wedding. I get many comments from not only my couples but from the guests saying they never even realised I was there. I work in a Documentary style where I will be in the background quietly taking photos of you and your guests and you will not even know I'm taking them, see testimonial below.

" Dear Bruce,

WOW!!! ........ all of these photos are amazing, thank you so much. You have captured our day so perfectly and every shot evokes a memory -this is just what we had wanted. We are so pleased with them and I can't thank you enough.

You and Chris were a pleasure to have around on the day as I don't think we even realised you were there! It may take us a while to decide which prints/album to order online due to the choice but I understand that in due course you will send us a disc with all of the photos on from the day.

Thank you again for all your hard work and magic end results - you really did help make our special day a memorable one.

With regards

Mel & Rob"

Vintage Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Sussex

Can we have some more formal photos, like family groups?

Even though I am mainly a Documentary photographer a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without the family photos so yes you can have whatever photos you want on the day, even couple photos where I will take you away for a few minutes so you can have some time on your own, I will be in the background photographing you or if you wish setting you both up for photographs, but if this is something you do not want then that's fine also, it's your wedding and you have what you want.

Do we have to provide a meal for you? A hot meal would be nice and for that I would be very grateful but it is not necessary as we can provide our own sandwiches if you prefer.

Are details important
Yes they are, you have spent a lot of time making your wedding yours but don't let the details take over your wedding, of course being a Documentary photographer  I still take photos of the details because it's  part of your day just like I take your formal/family group photos but I don't  take hundreds of photos of the details.

Have you photographed our venue before? I photograph weddings all over the country so if I am photographing a venue I have never photographed before then I will arrive early and have a good look around for the best spots, any professional wedding photographer shouldn't have a problem with photographing a wedding at a venue they have never been to before, I also do some research on your venue so I can get the best out of it, so I not only photograph weddings in Sussex but also Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Essex, Berkshire and London, as you can see it's mainly in the south of England but I will travel anywhere to photograph a wedding.

Do we get a USB stick with our photos on.

Yes, you will get something even better, a custom USB in a box with 10 prints, on the custom USB you will get the colour photos, You will then get the same colour photos but converted to Black & White as well, then you will get the audio to your vows & speeches plus your photofilm if in your package*. 

Do you sell albums? Yes I do sell albums, the albums I can supply are the best albums in the UK that money can buy, it took me a lot of researching to find an album that was not only well made but it had to take my breath away as soon as I saw it and I think I now have not only the perfect traditional album but also the perfect Digital album as well, you really need to see these albums to appreciate them, they are nothing like you have seen before and not many photographers sell these albums, well certainly not in there album packages. Albums can be found here

Below is a venue sample album with copyright notice on the pages, on your finished album there will be no copyright notices on.

What equipment do you use

I believe in using the latest technology available, I have always been a Canon user and always seem to go for the most expensive 1 series professional range of cameras and top of the line Canon L glass which is classified as professional equipment, the only professional cameras Canon produce are from the 1 series range, to me nothing can touch these cameras. winter weddings, pouring down with rain, no problem, these cameras are the only watertight cameras Canon make, dual card slots for backing up your images as they are taken.

All my cameras shoot to two memory cards, before you even book a photographer please ask if their cameras have dual memory cards, if they don't then walk away because if their card corrupts then they don't have a backup of your wedding photos on a second memory card.


If we wanted to book you what are the next steps? To book me and secure your date I would need a £300 retainer and signed contract from you, the remainder of the balance would be due on the 1st day of the month before your wedding. I cannot stress enough how important it is once you have found your perfect photographer to book them quick because once they are booked for a date then it's gone, I get many emails a year from couples asking to book only to tell them that I have already booked the date.

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Beautiful Natural Wedding Photography

Wedding photographer Sussex Bruce Neville is based in West Sussex offering national coverage. Bruce's wedding photography style is wedding photojournalist based on story telling, creating beautiful images to record the wedding day, sometimes called documentary wedding photography or reportage wedding photography. English country weddings Combining his great reportage wedding photography with covering the essential storytelling. Bruce Neville's style shows his amazing eye for romantic images creating unique wedding photographs for your wedding day.  

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Canon CPS Platinum Member

Canon CPS Platinum Member

*Due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot guarantee these Photofilms, the church may not allow digital recordings, interference from mobile phones or other equipment etc. Video is not always possible due to space and time limitations but to date I have not been unable to produce these Photofilms at any wedding.

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