I'm sat here on my birthday editing another wonderful wedding and thinking about a phone call I had today with a bride who wants to book me for her wedding, she is a friend of the bride whose wedding I am editing now, but it was something she said about her not being able to find a photographer for her wedding until she saw the photos I posted from her friends wedding. it got me thinking, wedding photography is easy if you have been photographing weddings as long as I have, I mean if you have been doing it long enough you sort of do things without thinking, I know all the controls on my camera and can operate it blindfolded, on a wedding day you have the timings but not every wedding goes to plan so you have to be quick thinking when things don't go to plan, a good wedding photographer is a bit like a wedding coordinator, we see things are running late so we gently hurry things up to get on time.

When you walk in to a church or venue you know what settings you need to get that perfect exposure, it just comes naturally. Wedding photography is easy, I see this statement all the time in groups and never thought to question it until now, there isn't one situation that I wouldn't know how to handle